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chicago's defensive leader was also hurt against the redskins As starters go, cheap nfl jerseys Mealer's name atop the depth chart is written in pencil, and that's remarkably disappointing. His primary competition at the position is Joey Burzynski, cheap jerseys nfl jerseys [you can check here] a 6'1", 284 pound walk on who looked OK in the spring game. Incoming 5 star freshman Kyle Kalis could factor in here, but he wasn't an early enrollee. He threw for 300 yards and three touchdowns in that game, but got just 6.52 YPA.

That the predictive number, and it is not encouraging. For the season, Palmer is at 6.85 YPA. As far as raw numbers go, Maclin made himself one of the league's all time most accomplished receivers before turning 24. His 2011 season was thrown out of whack before it even started due to a mysterious virus that, before it was diagnosed, prompted whispers of lymphoma. By the time Maclin was cleared to play in mid August, he was far behind in terms of football conditioning.